The Past, Present and Future

In his opinion piece on Tuesday, David Brooks from the New York times wrote about the often unnoticed skills – social courage, amorphous thinking, opposability – that he feels will lead to success in the digital age. Interestingly, Brooks begins the piece by referencing a recent article by Ian Leslie in The Guardian that discusses how the application of subtle, learnable skills in the classroom … Continue reading The Past, Present and Future

The Tim Wakefield Dilemma

Tim Wakefield is a former professional baseball player who is most famous for his role as a pitcher on the successful Boston Red Sox teams of the 2000’s.  What makes Wakefield interesting, other than that he started his baseball career with my beloved Pittsburgh Pirates,  is that he threw one pitch – the knuckleball – to every batter he faced.  The vast majority of pitchers … Continue reading The Tim Wakefield Dilemma