2015-2016 Theme

2015-2016 Theme

For the past couple of years the Upper School has had a theme we used to set a tone for the year.  In 2013 the theme was “We do what we say we do.” The idea was that the daily work done at EAB had to be closely aligned with the EAB Mission, Vision and Values.  In 2014 a quote from John Wooden was used: “Earn the right to be proud and confident.” The message was that the through the hard work being done on campus every day we were earning the right to be proud of our superior effort and confident we are a world-class learning institution.  

During the past two weeks different teams of students and faculty discussed the theme for 2015.  At the end of those discussions the following theme was chosen:

Think Growth. Achieve Greatness

We feel this theme fits perfectly with our goals for this year. Last year was a year of great change in the Upper School of EAB.  We introduced the 1:1 Laptop Program and a new assessment policy, the campus was renovated and the iCommons and Hall of Flags were created, and a new uniform was designed and unveiled.  We also brought clarity to EAB’s values with the introduction of a new Mission, the EAB Learner Profile and the Upper School Honor Code. These changes made our school significantly better and the theme speaks to how in 2015-2016 we will grow in our practice of the new educational initiatives and work to breath life into the core documents that align our daily efforts to the values of our school.  The theme also reinforces the truth that if we focus on individual and community growth, on getting better every day, our efforts will lead us ever closer to the greatness we wish for as individuals and as a community.  


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