The Senior Prank

It seems a day doesn’t pass in late May when I don’t read a story about a senior prank that is mean, destructive, or divisive.  The EAB Class of 2022, however, created a prank that included hundreds and hundreds of their baby pictures and balloons.  It was funny, harmless, good-willed, and charming.

Last year’s EAB Seniors faced many challenges over their high school years and remained unified, resilient, and strong through it all. What they accomplished is remarkable and they earned the EAB Community’s respect and admiration for reaching such a major milestone in their lives with such grace.

More importantly, and as their prank so clearly demonstrates, they deserve our gratitude for how well they represented EAB and for who they are: warm, caring, thoughtful, and kind individuals who love and respect their school, their peers, and their teachers.

Since their prank, the members of the Class of 2022 have received their diplomas, flipped their tassels, and, as I write in late August, are literally all over the globe positively impacting their new communities as alumni of The American School of Brasilia. 

 I speak on behalf of the entire EAB Community when I say that we couldn’t be more proud.

Thank you EAB Class of 2022 and congratulations!

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